Candidate: Kendall Crittenden

Why am I seeking reelection for Wasatch County Council, Heber City South seat E? After considerable thought, I have never had any specific agenda for running, other than to provide honest, informed representation to the voters in Heber South and Wasatch County.

As I win reelection, I commit to continue providing the Time, Experience and Proven Commitment as I have done in the past. Namely:

TIME: Having retired from 41 years of teaching the children of Wasatch County, I now have even more time, and am willing to use it, to fully participate in the important issues facing Wasatch County. I currently serve, individually, on at least ten boards, as well as the boards I serve on in conjunction with the rest of the council, like Fire, Park and Rec., Solid Waste and SSD boards. I take the time to prepare for and attend my assigned board meetings. I miss very few board meeting assignments, and if I do it’s usually because of a conflict with another board assignment.

EXPERIENCE: Having been involved for 16 years in the many boards I serve on; I understand the issues and the history of past needs and actions. There are many important issues facing Wasatch County in the coming years and I have the experience to help work through those issues. I have been heavily involved with the Bypass Issue, the recent Transit Study, population growth and the jurisdictions within the county, to name a few. Because of my participation and involvement with these issues over the years, I understand them and can use my experience to help solve the issues. Because of my experience and commitment, I have often been the chairman on many of my assigned boards.

PROVEN COMMITMENT: I have proven over the years that I am committed to serving the citizens of Wasatch County. In addition to my sterling attendance record at council meetings and assigned boards, always as many or more than any other councilman, I am usually involved in numerous committee assignments, separate from regular board meetings, to help further the responsibilities of that board.

As I am reelected to the Wasatch County Council in 2020, I commit to continue to serve the citizens of Wasatch County to the best of my ability, as I have done in the past. I love living in this beautiful valley and have a great deal of respect for the citizens of the county. We live in an exceptional place and I want to continue to represent our citizens and help maintain this special place for my 10 children, 35 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren, many of whom live and pay taxes in Wasatch County.

Wasatch County will see some great opportunities in the next few years, and it will take time, experience and commitment if we are to benefit from these opportunities. I can provide these.

I ask for your vote so that I may continue to do, for you, what I have done so well in the past. Thanks!